Cookie are pieces of information we save to your browser as you navigate through our website.

There are two types of cookies we use on our website, cookies for analytics and functional cookies.

Analytics cookies

These cookies are optional as they are not required for the website to work properly. You have the option to 'Accept' these or 'Reject' them when you first use our website.

Analytics cookies are used to help us understand which pages of our website you have clicked on and for how long. We can then use this anonymous data to make our website easier to use.

  • Cookies beginning with '_g'
    • These are cookies used by Google Analytics
  • Cookies beginning with '_hj'
    • These are cookies used by Hotjar

Functional cookies

These are cookies are used by our website to make things work properly so they are mandatory.

Any cookies that do not begin with '_g' or '_hj' are functional.

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